In Lomazzo there’s via del Ronco.
At number 12,
under secular Cedars of Lebanon,
there’s a gate.
Once, there was a Cotton mill.
Here, it’s where we are working now.
In this place full of light,
we have moved life, ideas, dreams,
past and future.
Here, it’s where we are waiting for you.

via del Ronco 12
22074 Lomazzo CO Italy
+39 02 96342357

A cotton mill built in the nineteenth century, in Lomazzo, near the railway that leads to Milan.
This place has been transformed, today, into a space open to different realities, linked to weaving and innovation.
The buildings have red bricks and large windows as in the past, the big trees are the same that, over time, saw hundreds of workers, entrepreneurs, artisans and dreamers walk under them.
We’ve also moved, in this place, since 2017.
Being here is like collecting what men and women have handed down to us over time: the simplicity of a serious, daily, rigorous work.
Love for the place where we were born, and its traditions.
The desire and the courage to leave for distant destinations.
Knowing that there is always, in this vast world, a place to come back.