In the new place where we moved, we have created a space for special occasions.
A big white space, continually changing, that will dress in lights, installations, new meetings and collaborations.
A place to tell our story and new projects. Simply, a place to feel good, together.

12.12.2018 | 12.22.2018

Winter clothes for baby, child, woman & man
exclusive on sale in our showroom only.

Come and discover the exclusive sales, the gift ideas
and our Surprise Boxes.
Or even come for a greeting!
We will be happy to share with you a cup of tea, a coffee
and our homemade cookies.
Download your invitation here
We are waiting from 12 to 22 December:
Monday | Friday _ 10 a.m. | 7 p.m.
Saturday | Sunday _ 2 p.m. | 7 p.m.
22 December: store closing 5 p.m.

06.25.2018 | 07.12.2018

Summer clothes for baby, child, woman & man
exclusive on sale in our showroom only.

Come and discover our exclusive sales.
Download here your invitation.
We are waiting for you!



12.11.2017 | 12.21.2017

The first temporary shop Album di Famiglia.

We are waiting for you to discover our world.
You will find striped socks,
to help you not to lose your way,
wool hats, to keep safe your dreams,
handbags to put a passport into them, and go
even just to the Coffee near home.
You will find scarfs, that warm words
and make them kind,
a pair of shoes to run towards a friend,
winter coats where you can hide a bunch of flowers
for those who don’t expect it,
blankets for winter nights on the sofa.
You will find these and many other things,
for any age, for younger and older
for Christmas, for you,
to have a giftat hand,
waiting for another special moment arriving.

All your purchases will be wrapped up
in packages and gift boxes.


Inauguration of the new headquarters:
a little party of dreams, lights and new beginnings.

There are some moments of the year
and some places that are like lights.
To switch on.
This is a party,
to light up the new space
in which we have moved,
and to inaugurate a new way of living and working,
that will rely on every single moment, even the most
simple and daily.
It will be the celebration of time,
which becomes important when it is shared
with friends and loved ones.
It will be a little party to celebrate light,
dreams and new beginnings!

06.00 p.m. welcome and aperitif
07.30 p.m. “I sogni fan luce”  A story by Francesca Marchegiano,
told by Elena Gaffuri
08.00 p.m. toast and greetings

Dress Code: Simply be yourself




We have moved…

…to Lomazzo, via del Ronco, at number 12.

12 is the number on our gate.
12 has all the months of the year in itself,
is the number of completed cycles
and of the changing.
12 is the number of the new beginnings that
looking back,
go ahead with lightness
12 is the number of arts and crafts
when they become ritual, feast, tradition.
Now 12 it’s also
a new page of our Album.